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School/Campus fee management system designed & developed by the experts of ANDZ Consultants in order to cater the campuses need and requirement.

System contains the specialized & modern features for the fee estimations, collections and recoveries, admissions and students management, classes and sections management, dashboard and analytical reports and many more as below.

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Application Features:
  • Academic year management.
  • Multi Campus Management.
    • Creation of campuses and enter allied detail like classes, sections, students, contact info, email, address etc.
  • Classes & Section management (Add/Create, Edit, Classes/Sections).
  • Classes Fee Setup i.e Admission, Tuition, Misc.
  • Admission & Students Management (Enrolling, Admission, Termination, Leaving) a. Check duplication/traceability of students at the time of admission through parent/student CNIC/other unique criteria.
  • Enrolling Students to Classes.
  • Transfer & Promoting to higher classes.
  • Student academic career history. (Changes of Classes/ Sections, Total Fee Paid, Student Ledger.)
  • Fee Voucher generation as per the defined criteria of students.
    • Auto Emails/Printing Fee Vouchers sending as per the defined policy criteria like 8th of each month.
    • Auto email reminders for late/missing tuition fee as per the defined criteria like 22nd of each month covering subsequent previous missing tuition fee months of each student.
  • Posting of collected fee and others and reconciliation.
    • General Fee Discounts.
    • Set classes wise fee discounts that will apply on every student lying in class.
    • Set students wise tuition fee discounts policy like life time, monthly, bi-monthly, annually and months range selection etc. It will over rule the class discounts policy for that particular students.
  • Fee Refunds.
  • Parents/Siblings information & management.
  • Expense & over heads management.
  • Email notifications to parents/students/internal department users on single click with customized email templates (fee voucher, custom messages etc).
  • Student History i.e Class change, roll no, Branch migration etc.
  • User based security & role defining.
  • Multi campus/franchise solution under single login at application.
  • Audit trail/Auto alerts on sensitive data under each action.
  • Dashboards
  • Mobile/Tablet Friendly.
  • Admin & Sub-admin console.
  • Customized Reports.
  • Management Summary Reports.
    • All Campuses Fee Collection
    • Classes/Sections wise Fee Collection. (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Date Range)
    • Fee collection (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Date Range)
    • Mission Tuition Fee (Classes/Sections/Students)
    • Quarterly Overall fee collection (Admission fee, Tuition fee, Others)
    • Academic Year fee collection (Admission fee, Tuition fee, Others)
    • Classes/Sections Strength
    • Gender Strength 9. Country/Area Wise Strength
  • Pre-Fee Voucher generation with estimation of calculated tuition fee amount against each Classes/Sections/Students.
  • Fee discount policy report classes/students wise
  • Fee head wise reports like tuition, admission, others.
  • Students admission report.
  • Students history regarding quit/terminated/leave/transferred status wise.
  • Family/Siblings report.

The challenge is to bring an organizations in a fool proof processes and keep up to date every information with ease and proper management. Following key aspects need to be consider while deploying this solution:

  • Improve fee recoveries and planning:

    The teams focused their efforts on a few of the highest-value S&OP levers in order to review the correct fee estimates, actual fee collections, identify missing fee and ensure the smooth and easy collection of fee.

  • Determine the right classes/sections strengths and level:

    predict and manage their strengths. Using a mean absolute percentage analysis (MAPE), the teams defined appropriate levels for admissions, overheads, collections by mapping actual versus forecasted sales.

  • Right time decision and planning:

    provide the precise and accurate information from each section without any delays that further helps to improve the defined SOP’s and strategy for effective management.

Technology used:
  • Core php classes and Mysql DB engine.
  • Integration with Crystal/Jasper Reports for professional reporting and analytics. 
  • JQuery/Bootstrap for user interface and allied popular JS libraries. like adminlte UI, goolge charts, spry data-sets, moment.js, jrender.js, form validations, boot-box alerts.
  • Integration with google analytics and configuration for ad-wards and campaigning. 
  • twilio API’s for messages alert management. 
  • JSON and XML data for integration/REST api.

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