What makes our POS prominent?Features

Multistore / Multi warehouse

If you want to handle more than one company or you have more then one branches then ANDZ POS should be the ideal choice for you.

Inventory & Stock

Our inventory management system keep track of complete movement of all products from purchase, sale, returns through requisitions.

Discount, Refund
and Taxes

Lot of sale related stuff available to keep the transaction smooth and reliable. Item/product level discounts and taxes and refund are few of them.

Customer / Guest Management

Add customers instantly during checkout/credits and easily manage their sale history, send promotions and deals. Allow guest sales for walk in customers.

Multiple Sales,
Payment Methods

ANDZ POS allows to manage different mode of sales like CASH, Credit, Booking, On-Hold & Installment. Sale order accept multiple payment modes.

Easy Integration with

ANDZ POS is easy to integrate with the available hardware in the market for smooth functioning. It can easily be run with the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Featured ScreenshotsConsumer Products | ANDZ ERP Systems

ANDZ ERP for SMEs are designed & developed by the experts of ANDZ that cater the needs of the retail industry.

ANDZ POS is all in one Retail Store Management System software for unlimited branches with POS Billing, Inventory Management, Customer Loyalty Program, Mobile/Desktop POS, Payment collections and recoveries, Stock Movement and Shops Inventory, Return and Sale Dashboard for Retailers who own a standalone retail store for a chain.

Demo / RegistrationWe offer free subscription for Store Owners | Administrators | Salesman for creating their business through easy steps.

Demo Login

System contains the sample data and allied necessary settings for exploring the features of the application. Moreover, you can have full access and manipulation on sample data as being an administrator/salesman for testing purpose and can add more with respect to your requirements.
**Disclaimer: Sample data used for the demo purposes and is not associated to any firm. 

Store Owner/Admin
Email: Ask for demo
Password: Ask for demo
Email: demo@demo.com
Password: demoall


Select your business type to see how ANDZ Retail can work for you. Our application will grab all the information regarding your business setup with the help of wizard showing completion indicator at each stage when successfully logged in. After successful completion ANDZ POS is ready to serve your business needs.

Go and register with us almost free.

Our free version covers all basic sales functions.
**Support is not included.

Frequently Asked QuestionsThe answers to all of your queries and concerns are given below

What kind of business ANDZ POS cover?

Almost useful for every kind of retail business like Departmental Store, Bakery, Garments Shops, Fast Foods, Restaurant, Medical Store, Confectionery, Milk Shop, Hardware and many more.

How is ANDZ POS different from other Point of Sale System?

ANDZ POS is the only POS system that introduces a high-level modern features for its clients. Its intuitive & sleek design is easy to use on almost all available gadgets and hardware items, Its high end dashboard feature give immense value to manage their business sales and revenue for all stores just in time.

How does ANDZ Point of Sale System secure my data?

ANDZ POS stores data on the cloud with the help of the internet, there is no need to add any location server. If there is no internet option all data backup and operations runs on your location server.

I don’t like to get stuck if I have questions, can I call your support team any time?

We wouldn’t want you to get to get stuck either. Fortunately, ANDZ support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online and phone support is free with every plan, so you can send us a message or call whenever you get stuck. You can also consult our Help Center anytime to find the answer to your question.

I want to see ANDZ POS in action, is there anyone locally i can visit to see their store using ANDZ POS?

We love connecting retailers with each other. Contact us at info@andz.com.pk and we’ll put you in touch with Vendors in your area. Or if you’re working with a local ANDZ partner, you can also ask them about their other clients using our product so can see it in action for yourself.

I have more than one store, Will ANDZ POS work for me?

Yes. ANDZ POS works great for retailers with multiple locations and it makes it easy to manage your inventory, staff and customer information across all your stores. You can send us the request for more information for multi-store plans.

How much does it cost me to switch to ANDZ-ERP?

ANDZ ERP is a customer-centric product, designed to help customers in a cost-effective manner. It costs you not more than having a meal with family.

How can I get ANDZ POS System in Pakistan, is it available in my city?

ANDZ POS system is available in almost all the areas of Pakistan. You can access any where in the world though our cloud based App or customer support is available 24/7 remotely. If required? than our representative may visit on some special requests.

What kind of bar-code scanners should I get?

That depends on how fast you want to check customers out. The barcode scanners that typically come with our systems are single-line scanners, so you have to orient the barcode correctly for the scanner to read it. Omni directional scanners can read a barcode at any angle, so your check-out clerks don’t have to line up the barcode just right.

What is meant by Cloud-based POS System, how it helps me to run my business better?

Cloud-based POS can be deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS), which can be accessed directly from the internet, using a web browser The best way to keep an eye on business is through our Dashboard App (ANDZ POS App). In which you can monitor your sales and inventory from any part of the world.

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