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Consulting platform for USA/Canada region developed and designed by the experts of ANDZ Consultant using open source technologies |

iAgility is a social media powerhouse when it comes to professional networking. Over the past year, iAgility has made changes that made it even more attractive for professionals and job seekers. One of those changes was the introduction of online portfolios on iAgility profiles that include photos, PDFs, presentations, work history, past projects and websites.

Following list of modules and features that cover the whole application scope are as below:

Consultant module:
  • Free login account creation and management.
  • Resume creation in segments like summary, profile completion status, contact information, work & education history, past projects, business and technical skill set, add certifications and many more. 
  • Profile data editing and addition in resume at any stage through easy and intuitive interface.
  • Public profile creation for recruiter and firms.
  • Export resume in word/pdf format after editing.
  • Find and apply on jobs.
  • Set job filters for jobs alerts and newsletters.
  • Firms search intimation.
Other Consulting Firms module:
  • Free account registration & activation.
  • Digital contract assigning and signing.
  • Create teams of recruiters.
  • Add consultant/talent against open jobs after matching the skill set.
  • Browse open jobs list.
  • Account management through tiled dashboard.
Prime Partners:
  • Account creation and activation.
  • Job posting.
  • Submit resources.
  • Acquire talent pool against jobs.
  • Placement of feature jobs.
  • Search Jobs and Talent.
  • Up gradation of consultants profile for better searches and extra benefits.
  • Hiring firms and nominations.
  • Job fairs management.
  • Socializing and greetings.
  • Chat and messages.
  • Single sign in/login window for every account/service holders.
  • Core extra features.
Admin module
  • Admin/back office management with super user/users management.
  • Other agencies/companies/partners accounts creation and management for jobs placements.
  • Recruiters login and team management.
  • Posting of jobs with dynamic filters.
  • Received resumes against posted jobs.
  • Shortlist listing of received resumes and categories according to their skill set and send notifications to the applicants regarding current progress under their login/dashboard and through email.
  • Hiring of selected candidates and interview conducting.
  • Pool of selected candidates in repository for future concern and reference jobs.
  • Event management and announcement.
  • Jobs fair management and announcement.
  • Received participation events request.
  • Email management and broadcasting from admin end to the selected pool of candidates/admin/clients etc.
  • Core extra feature.
Technology stack:
  • Core php and Mysql.
  • JQuery/Bootstrap for user interface and allied popular JS libraries. like goolge charts, moment.js, jrender.js, form validations, boot-box alerts.
  • Integration with google analytics and configuration for ad-wards and campaigning. 
  • twilio API’s for messages alert management. 
  • JSON and XML data for integration/REST api.
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