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About Us

ANDZ Consultants is equipped with employees having more than tow decades of experience and IT evolution, we have accomplished above 80+ projects completed in the US/Canada, Pakistan & Middle East. We excel at delivering business solutions to the clients from diverse industries.

ANDZ Consultants is a new emerging leader of next-generation IT services, and customized solution provider that comprises of a team of experienced professionals who love to redefine technologies while building great relationships along the way. Officially formed in 2018 with the concept of delivering the automation services globally, in working with robust software applications, providing web/mobile solutions, e-commerce B2B/B2C, assisting start-ups either remotely or locally and making our clients satisfy.

Why Consider us?

Integrity Properties

For over 15 years, ANDZ Consultants has been providing reliable IT services that helped us to step a head from rigid infrastructures and legacy solutions to a hybrid cloud platform.


Our IT department needs to focus on the strategy. We count on ANDZ Consultant for guidance tackling challenging IT projects – and we appreciate their commitment to helping us with day-to-day work.


With branch offices across the country, we were dealing with islands of technology that were creating business silos. ANDZ Consultants brought consistency to our IT and support systems and enabled us to work as ’one’ enterprise. Our customers have noticed the difference.


Our last IT provider was always learning on the job. We need an experienced partner who’s seen it all before and knows how to get the job done. That’s a key reason we count on ANDZ Consultants for everything from our networks to our security solutions.

Domain Expertise

We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital through effective implementation of our custom developed IT solutions both for the web & mobile platforms for effective governance and management.

ANDZ Consultants understands the current need of the e-Commerce industry and is always motivated to improvise and offer a full range of services in the respective field. Whether it’s a designing and deployment of a new e-Commerce strategy or revamping of the existing one

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who not only have vast cross industry experience on the latest technologies, but also strive to offer innovative solutions and best of the breed practices on e-Commerce development, implementation, management and administration and currently offering smart sales services to some of our clients.

We help entrepreneurs to develop the marketing strategy by considering new opportunities and un reached audience; giving them access to new customers, recent ones, as well as old customers. Their audience would get a richer experience through the brand’s interaction with them, and showing them that you care about them.

Organizations want timely, well-informed decision-making, in operational settings and in the corner office—no matter what their mix of platforms, applications, or infrastructure environments. ANDZ Consultants modular, scalable, standards-based solution provides the flexibility needed to easily deploy in any environment.

We help our clients in digital transactions to make it secure, reliable and recoverable over medias. This usually consists of some of our custom development tools/software’s that helps entrepreneurs to extract their information rapidly over all available medias like Mobile, Tablets & Touch Devices and shifting of their historical data without any lose and waste.

We provide the services that how a company repeatedly transforms data or objects within its processes, from X to Y and thereby improves its operations through better process identification, design, modeling, analysis, and execution. further transformation of defined processes to technological solutions for effective management. 

An organization cannot build a good team of working professionals without an effectively running the Human Resources administration. The key tasks of the Human Resources Management team comprise of recruitment’s, trainings, performance appraisals, motivating employees, along with maintaining workplace communication, workplace safety and much more. In this global economy, with technology products being developed rapidly, people are opting to switch jobs with the same pace. Smart, dedicated, and qualified individuals who are technophiles, globally cognizant, and operationally responsive offer a competitive advantage to organizations. Consequently, companies are increasingly recognizing the need to revolutionize the traditional human resources function and introduce a Human Capital Management (HCM) environment that influences the workforce and establishes the company as a competitive tool within the marketplace.

More than 15 Years
of Experience

35+ successful implementation
15+ social media campaigns
25+ Offshore developments
20+ satisfied customers

Our Products

Queue Management System
Point Of Sale
e-Commerce Platform
School Management System
Free Classifieds
Jobs/Resume Portal
Consulting Portal

We specialize in web application, design and programming for software companies, enterprises and also for online businesses. Moreover, our highly talented team of developers endeavors to develop an application that can become an invaluable asset for our esteemed customers. List of projects mentioned above for customers satisfaction.


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